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Subject: Rajasthan tour
From: jannice king
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 13:43:19 +0100

Hi Farheen and Noorul,
Firstly, sorry for the delay in contacting you. Many thanks for the present, what beautiful covers!

Well we have been singing your praises both whilst in India and here in the UK. We have also given your contact details to quite a few people, whilst on our travels and also here in the UK.

WE THOROUGHLY ENJOYED our visit. Everything went according to plan, so slick and efficient! is how i am describing your company, which gave us the utmost confidence whilst travelling. I really think the UK could learn a lot from India with regards to efficiency and good customer service.

Both Bill anf i agree that one of the factors for such a great time was our driver Narayan Singh. What a wonderful man! Both an excellent driver and a wonderful caring person. Bill and i both hope that we have made a friend for life with him. All the hotels were good as well as the guides. However for us the two exceptional ones were the guides in Jaipur and Mumbai!

Well we can honestly say that we look forward to dealing with you again.
Kind regards to you both.
Jannice and Bill King

From: Hilaryclark
Subject: Re: Greetings from India !!!
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 20:13:18 -0800

Hi Noorul and Farheen,
I hope you are both well. It was nice to meet you, your son, and brother. We really enjoyed our recent trip to India thanks to you. Everything went very smoothly, and if there was a minor problem you were prompt in getting in touch with us. We were impressed with the smooth transition between destinations, and we enjoyed seeing our friendly drivers at the airports after our various flights. Our hotels were nice, but of course we had our favourites. We liked the Peppermint in the North, and the Wild Corridor in the South.

We enjoyed Jaipur but we found that adding the Chokhi Dhani after the long drive was too much. We didn’t really enjoy it (bit too touristy for us) and we didn’t get dinner as it was too late.
The only other bit of feedback involved the Backwater Retreat. Some folks may have felt there wasn’t much to do there. We were lucky to have found some boys that taught us how to play cricket! However, I’m not sure I would recommend stopping there again.

Other than that little bit of feedback, we enjoyed everything else you organized for us!! We loved the elephant rides and the camel ride at the Sand Dunes! The backwater boat rides were also really nice.
It was the trip of our life, and we’re glad that everything worked out so well. Please let me know if we can help provide any other
information or feedback.

Best regards,
Hilary & Karen

From: Sheeja
Subject: Re: 
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 20:49:23 +1100

Hei guys,
We are back in australia.thank you so much for helping us with our holiday.we really enjoyed our stay.really appreciate all the professional help you provided during the trip.

Robert and sheeja
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Hello, I´m really, really sorry for the late reply but after holidays, work has been endless... My flight back to Jakarta was ok and also for my mom and sister, I already gave them your regards and they sent their best wishes to you. As I mentioned in the feedback form, our trip was truly satisfying. All the landscapes, the beautiful temples, the magnificent palaces made our visit an unforgettable and unique experience... and of course the services provided by Grand Travel Planner completed our nice stay in India and Nepal... Please find attached some of the photographs taken during the trip... I hope they can be useful for your agency... Of course i'll recommend you with relatives and friends ... i wish the best for your business... Thanks again and please, keep in touch ok??
Best regards,

First, I will like to thank you for all your services, and help with our trip to India. Also thank you for your friendship, both you and your husband show us when me meet. Please stay in touch with us, if there is any in which I can help I will do so, India left a mark on us, we will sure come back one day, and I hope to count with your professional help. As I can I will send you some pics, just let me know the minimum size that your require.Also send me the telephone of your friend here in Mexico, in order to send the present so they receive it. Once again THANK YOU for making our trip so easy.
Susana and Arie Shapiro

Yes, I did have a wonderful trip....
The sights were indeed incredible and my driver was safe and I was comfortable with him but the attitude and added expenses of the guides has left me with a less than satisfactory feeling. It would be wise to point out to first time visitors, especially vulnerable ladies travelling alone about these pitfalls.


The Tour Was Very Fun. I Really Enjoyed Delhi, Agra , Jaipur. Although My Time Was Limited, I was able to see Many Sights in India. The Driver and Hotel was Excellent and was Able to Get to All Location on Time. The Tour Guides Were Good.


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